Violence Breaks Out in NDC Elections

At NDC Elections, There Was A Bloodbath

NDC Branch Organizer for Baptist JHS, Hausaline Electoral Area Far-han Mu-az

Regional bloodbaths are being caused by the opposition National Democratic Congress’s (NDC) ongoing branch elections.

Across constituencies where branch elections have started, chaos and confusion have taken center stage.

Abdul Nashir Bunas, the regional chairman of the NDC in Upper West, is alleged to have defied party rules and gathered nomination papers in the districts where he wants to see his favorite candidates triumph. In three Upper West constituencies, Chairman Abdul Nashir Bunas, who will run for re-election as a regional chairman, is accused of creating confusion.

In the Sisala East, Lambussie-Karni, and Daffiama-Bussie-Issa constituencies, he is rumored to be supporting various factions.

Due to the Regional Chairman’s activities, there is now conflict amongst factions that want to run in the upcoming constituency elections, which are scheduled to take place in September of this year.

The Regional Chairman allegedly seized several nomination documents that DAILY GUIDE found and signed.

In a related development, there was a carnage within the NDC in Bono East that resulted in the matchete wounding and injuries of party members who were not happy with the situation.

In Techiman South, the head of Far-han Mu-az, the NDC Branch Organiser for Baptist JHS, Hausaline Electoral Area, was cutlassed by thugs who were thought to be supporting the Bono East Regional Chairman. Sources claim that the Regional Chairman, Unas Owusu, announced that the election will go forward despite a verbal order from the NDC national headquarters in Accra to postpone branch elections in Techiman South. That resulted in a dispute that caused harm and misunderstanding.


Branch Voting

The party will hold branch elections between now and early September 2022.

According to the party’s National Executive Committee-approved rules, the NDC will hold ward elections in September 2022, followed by constituency elections.

If nothing else, the NDC’s Regional Conference will take place in October 2022, and the party’s reorganization efforts will culminate with a National Congress in November of this year.

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