The Deadly side of Bread you don’t Know


Another deadly food that deserves our attention is white flour.

White flour is the healthiest its been in 200 years', scientists find
White flour is the healthiest its been in 200 years’, scientists find

Here is an experiment you need to try. Take a slice of white bread, place it in a small bowl and pour water on it. Almost instantly it becomes like paste. Its so much like paste you may be able to hang wallpaper with it!

The Deadly side of Bread you don't Know
The Deadly side of Bread you don’t Know

Do you realize that piece of white bread may be doing the same thing in your colon? The paste you are eating may gum up your colon causing constipation.

Symptoms Causes of Constipation & Remedies for Constipation
Constipation & Remedies for Constipation

The manner in which processed white bread is made should give you food for thought. First, the outer shell is removed from the whole grain with the healthy fiber and B vitamins.

The germ is extracted. It contains the majority of the nutrient vitamin E the B vitamins and minerals. Both the shell and the germs are marketed to health food stores, which speaks volume.

We need to remember that breads, pasta and white rice are starches and are converted to sugar in our body. When you choose bread, be sure the word “WHOLE GRAIN “are on the label.

It’s the only way you will receive the goodness that is processed out of most bread. Also look for brown rice and whole grain pasta.

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Bread Pasta Photos

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