Tema Freight Forwarders Stranded

Several clearing and forwarding agencies are currently stranded following an impromptu eviction.

As a result, many importers and exporters who rely on the work of these clearing agents risk losing very key documents needed in their transactions.

This comes on the back of a legal battle between two people, one Emmanuel Valentine Gadzepko and the alleged new owner, Igiyazi Properties Ltd.

The building in question was said to be popularly known as the former National Lotteries Building in Community 1, Tema.

A victim, and member of the Customs Brokers Association, Ghana (CUBAG) Augustine Anthony Kwashie, who spoke to Eye on Port concerning the matter, lamented that the plight of occupants of the building is the impromptu nature of the evacuation exercise and called for some grace period to be granted to allow them to relocate.

“As agents, we have people’s goods to clear, looking at the way our things are being scattered, we may lose essential documents. All we are asking is for some 24 hrs to pack our things,” he stated.

By Vincent Kubi

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