Sista Afia insults bouncer who disgraced her in the studio of Accra FM

You are very stupid – Sista Afia tells bouncer who disgraced her in the studio of Accra FM

Musician Sista Afia and her team almost got into a fierce fight with the macho man who stormed the studios of Accra FM to demand his cash.

Sista Afia in an interview with Nana Romeo got shocked when one bodied man entered the studio to demand money from her.

When asked how the musician owed him, he said he was hired to serve as a bodyguard for her at one event but has since been avoiding him when he demanded his payment.

With the help of some people, the young man was taken outside the studio for Sista Afia to continue her interview where she stated that she has never met the guy in her life before.

After the interview, She met with the young man at the premises of Accra FM where she used some harsh words on the macho man.

Things would have gotten worse if she wasn’t shielded away by her team but even with that her loud voice could be heard from the back.

Watch the interview below:

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