Premier League: Arsenal 0-2 Chelsea – reaction as Lukaku enjoys dream start

Lukaku gives us something we did not have

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel tells Sky Sports: “I had a feeling in the first half we lacked a bit of sharpness and were a bit passive. I think we had a long training week with double sessions and were a bit leggy. We deserved to win but still room to improve.

On Romelu Lukaku: “I am very happy with how he has integrated already, a very smart guy who likes to be in the group. He is a very democratic leader, talks to everyone, is friendly, and is totally competitive. He gives us something we did not have, to protect balls. You cannot start better than a goal and he assisted some chances.

“I didn’t expect too much but I wanted to see his capability to adapt and to link up, that is what he did very good and the guys like to play with each other.

“I don’t know if it is possible to manage games in the Premier League, in some moments it was too open. They created some overloads on each side and we had to overcome but we were in control defensively. We could create some chance. In the Premier League when you don’t score the third or fourth you can never be sure.”

On Reece James: “He was not at all unconscious and was worried he broke a tooth, that is why he was shocked.

“It is a perfect start, two victories without conceding and a London derby. It is a new group, some players left, some came in and you need these moments where you suffer so we are absolutely happy with the start. We are still in the process and need to keep going.”


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