MCE Fights Ashawo Workers at Amenfi West Municipality

Ashawo Workers at Amenfi West Municipality are combated by the MCE

The buildings where some accused commercial sex workers reportedly conduct their criminal activities have been dismantled in the Amenfi West Municipality of the Western Region.

Residents claim that the sex workers’ activities hamper the moral upbringing of the local youth.

They ascribed the local illegal miners’ operations, who use the sex workers’ services, in part to the rise in prostitutes in the area.


Therefore, on Monday, the Municipal Security Committee (MUSEC) was directed by Lord Nana Tandoh, the Amenfi West Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), to demolish the buildings that the commercial sex workers had utilized as camping sites.

Personnel from the Ghana Police Service, Immigration, National Security, and Fire Service made up the team.

Before demolishing the several buildings, they plundered them and discovered a variety of objects, including amulets, condoms, kitchenware, gas, a cylinder, and filthy garments.

The majority of the plywood-built buildings that were destroyed were located in the Municipality at Asankrangwa, Aboi Nkwanta, and Wassa Dunkwa.

Later, when speaking to the media, the MCE stressed that the suspected prostitutes’ activities posed a security risk because no one knew what or who they might be bringing to their respective locations.

He gave the assurance that the MUSEC would keep conducting tests periodically to make sure the region was free of illegal activity.

Since Ghana is an ECOWAS member, people from other member nations may visit our region, but not for the purpose of prostitution.

Landowners in the Municipality were warned not to grant land to those who might seek to build structures for illegal purposes.

The majority of the locals praised the MCE for taking the action, noting that the suspected commercial sex workers’ claimed activities tended to ruin the future of the youth in the area.

From Takoradi’s Emmanuel Opoku

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