Kumerica Krofrom guys attacked Shatta Wale for duping Junior US $10,000 & not attending his funeral

Shatta Wale was attacked in Krofrom, Kumasi for how ‘unfairly’ he treated the late Junior US even in his death. The self-acclaimed Dancehall King had to run for his life.

When Junior US was alive, Shatta Wale was his close friend and they moved and worked together most often whenever Shatta Wale visited the USA.

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Before Junior US died, it was rumored he had paid Shatta Wale $10,000 to perform at his birthday which Shatta Wale failed to attend and allegedly promised to pay back but never did even after his death.

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Again it was an argument about Shatta Wale and Criss Waddle between Junior US and Show boy that has landed Showboy in jail for 7 years and allegedly, Junior US dead.

When Junior US died and was brought to his hometown, Krofrom to be buried, everyone expected Shatta Wale to be there but he never attended the funeral.

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This angered the youth who believed Shatta Wale has betrayed Junior US and vowed to beat him whenever he comes to Krofrom for anything.

Shatta Wale has been in Kumasi since 5th November 2020 to shoot the music video for ‘Kumerica’. He has been visiting the most renowned suburbs in Kumasi to shoot some scenes.

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That was what led Shatta Wale to Krofrom but the youth was too angry to entertain Shatta Wale and they unleashed their anger on him. Shatta Wale with his convoy had to flee the town to save their lives.


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