Ijekimora agrees with Bullgod, says it’s cool for Female Musicians to have Sexual Relationships with their Managers

Bullgod agrees with Ijekimora, stating that it is OK for female musicians to have sexual relationships with their managers*.

Ijekimora, a Nigerian Afrobeats singer, delivered a bombshell on Starr 103.5fm while on tour to promote her current hit “Temptation.”

In answer to a query from #ShowbizOnStarr host Caleb Nii Boye, Ijekimora states flatly that she is fine dating her Manager and finds “nothing wrong with it if the emotion is mutual.”

This reignites the heated debate sparked by Bullgod (Nana Asiamah Hanson), a prominent Ghanaian Artiste Manager who believes it is preferable for Male Artiste Managers to date or marry female singers they manage. Bullgod’s statements were not taken lightly when he stated them; music fans and even some (female) musicians believed it was a poor move on the part of any manager since it tarnishes the Artiste-Manager connection.

Ijekimora, a fast-rising Nigerian Afrobeats Songstress, agrees with Bullgod since she finds no problem with it as long as it isn’t forced (beyond the the music job for both parties). Ijekimora even confessed on the radio show that her boyfriend (now) manages her career, which she thinks is very nice.

The whole interview with Caleb Nii Boye, who dropped his jaws as the bouncy singer testified to the same emotions as Bullgod on Accra-based radio station Starr 103.5fm over the weekend, is below.

“Temptation” is the title of Ijekimora’s new song; it’s the second single off her upcoming EP she’s named “Kimorality”, due for August 2022 release. She released a first single off the catalogue in late 2021 titled “Sexy Papa”.

Ijekimora has so much love for Ghana that she feels great promoting her works in Ghana more instead of Nigeria. According to her she feels comfortable and very welcome in Ghana, thus, she’s picked Ghana as her second home after Nigeria. She filmed the official video for “Temptation” here in Ghana, out on YouTube already.

Watch “Temptation” Video here:

The Dallas-raised beautiful Singer has frequent Ghana a few times in the past 2 years and says she will be doing a lot more work here (in Ghana). She now resides in Nigeria but loves to spend some time in Ghana, her second home she admits.

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(Story: Elorm Beenie)

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