I don’t Smoke ‘Weed’ – Rex Omar

I don’t Smoke ‘Weed’ – Rex Omar

Renowned Ghanaian highlife musician, Rex Omar does not see the need for people to judge people who smoke marijuana.

He called on people to stop judging those who smoke weed when speaking in an interview with Dr Cann on Happy FM.

Rex advised that people’s personal lives should be treated separately when it comes to professional engagements.

He clarified that he doesn’t smoke marijuana but he has no problem with those who smoke it.

“There are artistes that if you call on them for shows, it is stated in their contract that you must provide them with weed backstage. That is what will help him do his work so you must provide it.

“I don’t take weed yet I don’t have a problem with anyone who takes weed. We are sometimes too judgemental. If you eat kontomire and someone likes weed, they are both herbs so what moral right do you have to judge that person?” Rex Omar stated.


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