How Dangerous Is Over-Cooked Food?


Over cooking your food can kill it. Dr. Edward Howell devoted nearly his entire life to researching enzymes.

Dr. Edward Howell | Human body, Immune function, Enzymes
Dr. Edward Howell | Human body, Immune function, Enzymes

He found that when food is cooked at temperature exceeding 118 degrees for thirty minutes, almost all the enzymes in the food are destroyed. These enzymes are the living part of the food.

When food is cooked until the enzymes have been lost, our bodies are forced to draw upon our metabolic enzymes the raw materials and the spark that rebuild our bodies.

Cancer And Enzyme-Rich Raw Foods – Elements Integrated
Enzyme-Rich Raw Foods

In the process we start degenerating, which can lead to arthritis, heart disease, hypertension and immune problems that may even lead to cancer.

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