Former Prez John Dramani Mahama Registers For Voters ID Card In Bole

Former Prez John Dramani Mahama Registers For Voters ID Card In Bole

Former President John Dramani Mahama has registered for his voter ID card in his home town Bole.

He visited the Bole District Assembly Electoral Commission’s registration centre on

Wednesday, August 5, 2020 and went through the process to acquire his voter ID card.

The former President after acquiring his voter card paid a courtesy call on the Chief of Bole, Bolewura Sarfo Kutuge Feso I.

Addressing residents, Mr Mahama urged Ghanaians to go out in their numbers to

acquire their voters ID cards in order to vote out the “none-performing” Akufo-Addo’s

administration come December 7.

“Tomorrow is the final day for registration and so I’m urging everyone who has not registered

yet to come out and register to vote, we all know your vote is your power.”
He stressed that Ghanaians have been through tough times in the four years of the

Akufo-Addo administration which has a history of failed leadership and a dictatorship government.

“A lot of things are happening like closure of radio stations, harassment of journalists,

the questioning Ghanaians of their citizenship and the use of the military to prevent people from registering. It all shows a government who is determined to do anything to hang onto power.”

Mr. Mahama said “President Rawlings usher in the fourth republic and ruled for 8 years and

handed over a united and peaceful country to President Kufuor, he also handed over a

peaceful country later to President Mills and I took over in 2012 and handed over a peaceful

and united country to President Akufo-Addo. Unfortunately what nation will President Akufo-Addo hand over to me when I take power from him in 2021,” he asked.

Former President Mahama assured Ghanaians that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) will bring back the peace and united country to ensure that Ghanaians feel they all belong to this


“Some people do not own this country more than others and so everybody register and ensure

that we kick out this none performing government and it’s been 8 years of abandoned projects , 8 years of failed promises , 1V1D has not materialized all the dams dry up in the dry season,

most districts do not have any factory yet and it’s all been propaganda and propaganda.”

He was optimistic that Ghanaians have seen the lies by the Akufo-Addo administration and

come December 7 they will kick-out the NPP government.

“We will come back and restore the economic prosperity of the country and we will protect our people from the Coronavirus, look at the number of people who are dying and infected from Coronavirus, this government has failed in its fight against the Coronavirus response and so NDC will come back and put things right.”


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