Gregory Kwasi Darkwah: I’ll run for NDC parliamentary seat in Asunafo North (P.Kay)

The Ghanaian born of the British Army and a member of NATO, Mr. Gregory Kwasi Darkwah says he is the best option to represent the NDC in parliament for Asunafo north constituency if the National Democratic Congress wants to win the seat for the upcoming election.

He made this announcement on Genesis radio network on Friday January 13.

Reiterating his political ambitions, Mr. Darkwah said he is the best person to stop the current NPP Member of Parliament Hon. Evans Opoku Bobie for winning the 2024 election, because of the favourable perception the people of the Asunafo North constituency have of him.

He said it is time for a new face with a good reputation if the NDC wants to win their first ever seat for the Asunafo North constituency.

“People in the constituency see me as somebody different from real politicians who always think of the future building, accountability, selfless, integrity for development and youth development,” Mr. Gregory said in an interview on Genesis Radio.

“People of Asunafo North see me as somebody who is bold, who speaks the truth, who cares for the ordinary people with my military background and they look at those things, we have tried so many professions let’s try a military man too and I qualify for that”.

“I am hoping that level playing field that allows us to elect our next parliamentary candidate will also bring us a candidate who can unite our party. Because competition, inevitably, will bring some divisions in the party but we are the largest opposition party so, there is the responsibility on us to conduct ourselves in a way that reduces fracture.

P.Kay for change.

Story – Kay One Genesis Radio – Ahafo Goaso

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