#BBNaija Season 7: Do you think Deji Morafa and Modella are the fake housemates?

Ebuka assured the viewers that the two fictitious new housemates will spice up the simmering situation with extra drama.

Big Brother is adding several surprises to an already captivating season. The plot is becoming increasingly heated, which has everyone—fans and audience members alike—on edge.

Viewers got a preview of one of Biggie’s shocks on Sunday’s inaugural BBNaija Level, Up live show.

Two Level 2 housemates received a strike apiece prior to the live show for breaking the game’s rules.

After the Saturday night party, the two candidates who were making mistakes, Beauty and Ilebaye, got into a furious disagreement, which resulted with Beauty angrily taking off Ilebaye’s cap and wig.

Big Brother deemed this to be offensive and declared a strike against each of them.

A contender will be eliminated from the competition after receiving three strikes, according to the rules of the competition.

Fans and the audience, however, were treated to a live performance by Bella Shmurda before to the evening’s activities. His blockbuster tracks “Hallelu” and “Cash Out” delighted everyone.

Akinbiyi Abiola, better known by his stage name Bella shmurda, caused a scene during the live performance when he pulled his blue-colored jacket and hurled it among the audience.

However, in plain view of the camera, fans could be seen grappling with each other for control of the jacket.

The seventh season of the reality series is titled Big Brother Level Up.

Ebuka delivered everyone the first surprise of the evening following the performance. The Level 2 housemates were alarmed by the impending eviction.

They were unaware that Big Brother had decided not to evict anyone on Monday, and they would instead experience what appeared to be an unpleasant surprise.

The level 2 housemates didn’t need to worry or pray because no one was going home with the new twist. Deji, who joined the Level 1 housemates, was instead announced by the show’s host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, as the 25th housemate.
False roommate 1

On social media, Deji Morafa is known as “the perfume guy” and claims to be a workaholic man who enjoys working out, eating, drinking, and sleeping.

The Level 1 housemate finds physical characteristics of others attractive. He is willing to mix with guests in the house despite being in a troubled relationship. He is a native of Lagos State.
False roommate 2

Verified Modella unveiled as 2nd fake housemate on #BBNaijaS7 From Osun state, Modella said she's the

Modela from the state of Osun came next. The 26th contestant dubbed herself the content queen the house needed, providing all the vibes the viewers had subscribed for. She also characterized herself as multifaceted and enjoyable to be around. Modela moved in with the Level 2 residents.

Story twist

Ebuka informed the level 1 and 2 housemates that no one would be leaving the house after presenting the new roommates. He then urged everyone to unwind and enjoy themselves while remembering why they were at the house since the show is an unforgettable event.

deji morafa

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