Display Advertising and Marketing Solutions

On our news platforms, we offer a broad range of display advertising formats that all comply with the IAB standards. ADPU Solutions platforms offer advertising possibilities on both GhanaWebsKays desktop and mobile platforms.

Our main objective of our display advertising and marketing solutions is to promote the message of the advertiser through different options, e.g. videos, newsletters, event coverage, banner placement, public announcement, guest appearance, live streaming etc.

In the organization of our news platforms the different departments work together to make creative marketing solutions available to advertisers. As such, we can support any customer journey and help you with your marketing objectives in the most effective way.

  • 790×90 pixels leaderboard, 300×600 pixels wide-banner, 300×250 pixels rectangle, take-overs on desktop and mobile
  • CPM and fixed placements
  • Geographical targetting
  • Targeting by section (e.g. news, business, sports, entertainment)
  • Newsletters
  • Banner design

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