Accidents: Drivers ingest ‘wee toffee’ to let them drive for lengthy periods of time Says Fire Commander

Accidents: Drivers consume 'wee toffee' to aid them drive for long hours — Fire Commander

The Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) has disclosed that some commercial drivers take chemicals into their bodies to help them drive for lengthy periods of time.
According to DOIII Kwesi Hughes, Winneba Municipal Fire Commander, early investigations into the Accra-Cape highway tragedy revealed that the drivers, particularly those who operate Mercedes Sprinter and 207 buses, used ‘wee toffee’ to assist them drive, causing the widespread accidents.

His comments follow the injuries of 46 people in two separate incidents on the Kasoa-Cape Coast route.

In two separate incidents on the Kasoa-Cape Coast route over the weekend, some 20 passengers are in serious condition, while 26 others are injured and awaiting care at the Winneba Trauma and Specialist Hospital.
The first occurred at Gomoa Mpota, while the second occurred in Gomoa Mankessim, both in the Central Region.
A Sprinter Benz bus, a KIA Rhino, and a DAF trailer were all involved in the initial collision.

According to DOIII Kwesi Hughes, the Kia Rhino attempted to pass the Sprinter bus but collided with its side.

It finally crashed with a DAF trailer traveling from Accra to Cape Coast.

Eight people were transported to the hospital after being trapped in the vehicle.

A Sprinter Benz Bus with the registration number GN-2572-10 traveling from Cape Coast to Accra ruptured its tyre and somersaulted in the process in the second mishap.

Many people were critically injured as a result of the incident.

DOIII Kwesi Hughes, speaking on Sunrise FM on Monday, April 25, 2022, about the accidents, said “The drivers of these sprinter buses use drugs, which is a kind of abuse.

“As a result, their blood is boiling. They bring in little amounts of toffee so that the cops may conduct investigations underground.”

He clarified that “They are simply pursuing money while they are behind the wheel.

“A sprinter can pass 15 automobiles in a single pass. Look, I’ve been utilizing this stretch on a daily or weekly basis, and what I’ve noticed is that it can be rather awful at times.”

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